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Four Main Make up Courses:
    1. Basic Make up Course:
      • Provides fundamental knowledge and skills for makeup application.
    2. Advanced Make up Course:
      • Builds on the basics, delving into more complex techniques and styles.
    3. Bridal Makeup Course:
      • Focuses on specialized techniques for bridal makeup, a crucial skill in the industry.
    4. Contouring Make up Course:
      • Specialized training in the art of contouring, adding depth and dimension to facial features.
Certification and Attestation:
    • Successful completion of Senior Makeup Artist Course leads to the attainment of prestigious certificates:
Additional Perks:
    • Free KÕMASK Make up Brush Set:
      • Trainees receive a complimentary set of high-quality makeup brushes to enhance their application techniques.
    • Practice with Premium Products:
      • Abundant supply of KÕMASK Makeup products for hands-on practice during classes, ensuring trainees have access to top-tier materials.
Course Benefits:
    • Diverse Curriculum:
      • Each course offers a unique focus, equipping trainees with a broad skill set suitable for various makeup application scenarios.
    • Recognized Certification:
      • Certificates attested by KHDA and KOMASK carry significant weight in the industry, validating the trainee’s expertise.
    • Quality Tools and Products:
      • The provision of premium makeup brushes and products ensures trainees have access to professional-grade materials for their practice.
Transitioning to a Successful Career:
    • These courses not only provide theoretical knowledge but also offer ample practical experience, preparing trainees to confidently step into the competitive field of makeup artistry.
Expanding Career Horizons:
    • With proficiency in basic, advanced, bridal, and contouring makeup, trainees are equipped to cater to a wide range of clients and events, ensuring a dynamic and successful career path.

Embark on a transformative journey in makeup artistry with our comprehensive suite of courses. From foundational techniques to specialized bridal and contouring skills, these courses offer a comprehensive education. Acquire prestigious certifications and receive quality tools and products to jumpstart your career in makeup artistry.

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