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Welcome to KONTAR TRAINING CENTER, a distinguished beauty training institute catering to those with a passion for excellence in the world of aesthetics. Our institute is well-known for offering top-tier Makeup Courses and a collection of other prestigious beauty programs. As a proud member of the esteemed KONTAR Group, our influence extends across the Middle East, with established branches in Lebanon, Syria, and Qatar since our inception in 1992. In addition, we have strategically positioned multiple branches within the United Arab Emirates.

Our commitment to excellence and professionalism is further underlined by the establishment of KONTAR TRAINING CENTRE (UAE) in 2002. This institution is licensed by the Dubai Economic Department and accredited by the KHDA (Dubai Authority). It is with great pride that we grant both National and International Certificates to our dedicated students. These certificates are recognized and respected within a broad community of professionals and institutions.

At our center, we hold a time-honored reputation for staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the beauty industry. Our dedicated instructors, who are experts in their field, utilize the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled training experiences for our trainees.

KONTAR TRAINING CENTER is committed to your professional growth, offering you a comprehensive education in the art of beauty and aesthetics.


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Striving for Excellence by Providing Compassionate and Exceptional Beauty Training

At Kontar Beauty Training Center, we hold a devoted conviction that education transcends the simple transfer of knowledge; it is a journey of nurturing and guiding our students to realize their utmost potential. We sustain a dedication to teaching with the utmost compassion, recognizing the distinctive needs of each student and adapting our methods to align with their unique learning styles. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and it is reflected in our resolute pledge to deliver excellent beauty training. We endeavor to award our students with the essential skills and comprehensive knowledge requisite for success in their chosen beauty courses. Central to our philosophy is the creation of an inclusive and supportive learning and training environment. We firmly believe that by fostering such an atmosphere, we empower our students to realize their professional aspirations and attain the high point of their careers

KHDA Certified

Kontar Beauty Training Center Course Certificates are certified by KHDA (Dubai Authority).

Wide Range of Courses

We have wide range of beauty and hair courses, so you can get what you want.

Professional Trainers

We partner with top trainers in UAE who will support & encourage you throughout the course.


We take great pride in providing exceptional beauty training services to our valued clients. Here, you can find a selection of testimonials from some of our satisfied customers who have experienced the outstanding value of our beauty training services.

Beautician Course Testimonial 1

" Great new experience. I took an introductory course on makeup. They had all the tools needed available as well as a great room setup. I greatly recommend. This is best Makeup School if someone is interested in Dubai Makeup Course . "

Tia Hani

Beautician Course Testimonial 2

Thanks to Kontar Beauty Training Center, I now have the skills and knowledge I need to start my own beauty business. Their courses are comprehensive and practical, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their career in the beauty industry.

Amani Safar

Beautician Course Testimonial 3

“ I loved Kontar Training Center. Their teaching and training techniques are perfect and no doubt they're preparing future experts. I recommend them to everyone. “


Beautician Course Testimonial 4

I've taken several courses at Kontar Beauty Training Center and have always been impressed by the quality of instruction and support provided. Their trainers are not only experts in their field but also caring and approachable.


We pride ourselves on have a team of highly skilled

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