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Professional Makeup Course (5 Days) Overview:
    • Duration: 15 Hours
Theory & Practice Modules:
    1. Preparation:
      • Setting up a functional and organized work station for efficient makeup application.
      • Emphasis on maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.
    2. Hygiene:
      • Ensuring cleanliness in the workspace and personal appearance to uphold professional standards.
    3. Tools and Sterilization:
      • Understanding the purpose and usage of various makeup tools.
      • Proper sterilization techniques to ensure safety and hygiene.
      • Maintenance of tools in compliance with health standards.
    4. Reception:
      • Cultivating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for the client.
      • Establishing trust and rapport between the makeup artist and client.
      • Identifying different personality types to cater to individual preferences.
    5. Make-up as a Visual Trick:
      • Analyzing various face shapes and features.
      • Manipulating light and shadow to create desired visual effects.
    6. The Color:
      • Grasping the fundamentals of color theory, including degree and intensity.
      • Understanding primary colors and their application tools.
    7. Eyebrows Techniques:
      • Examining face lines and contours to determine ideal eyebrow shapes.
      • Correcting and enhancing eyebrow appearance to complement face shape.
      • Proficiency in filling, reshaping, and grooming eyebrows.
    8. Skin Preparation:
      • Preparing the skin for makeup application, including corrections and base application.
      • Selecting suitable skin creams and categorizing powders for optimal results.
    9. Day 1 (Theory & Practice):
      • Foundation techniques using liquid and cream.
      • Face contouring through shadowing and highlighting.
    10. Day 2 (Theory & Practice):
      • Application of open and close eyeliner techniques.
      • Mastering angle shadow, known as the “Banana Style.”
    11. Day 3 (Practice):
      • Creating lifted angle eye shadow looks.
      • Perfecting smokey eye makeup.
    12. Day 4 (Practice):
      • Further practice in smokey eye makeup application.
      • Application of fan-lash strips for enhanced eye definition.
    13. Day 5 (Practice):
      • Comprehensive full makeup application.

End of completion of the Course, the trainees will be granted:

Note on Practice Products:
    • KÕMASK Makeup products will be generously provided for practical sessions, ensuring trainees have the best tools at their disposal.

This meticulously structured course offers an immersive learning experience, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in makeup artistry. Elevate your expertise and gain industry-recognized certification with our Advanced Makeup Course.

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