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Theory & Practice Modules:
    1. Preparation and Organization:
      • Structured approach to preparing and organizing the workspace for efficient makeup application.
    2. Hygiene and Personal Presentation:
      • Emphasis on maintaining a clean environment and ensuring personal hygiene.
    3. Instrument and Tool Sterilization:
      • Understanding the purpose and usage of various makeup tools.
      • Ensuring proper sterilization of tools and adherence to health guidelines for their maintenance.
    4. Course Program:
      • Skin Analysis:
        • In-depth analysis of different skin types and conditions to inform makeup application.
      • Skin Preparation:
        • Comprehensive process covering cleansing, toning, and moisturizing for a flawless makeup base.
      • Face Shape Manipulation:
        • Techniques to create different face shapes, optimizing makeup application for individual features.
      • Blush Techniques:
        • Proficiency in applying both creamy and powder blush for a natural flush of color.
      • Contouring and Correcting:
        • Mastering techniques for facial contouring /  face contouring and correcting imperfections.
      • Shaping and Shading:
        • Skillful application of makeup to create depth and dimension.
      • Maximizing and Minimizing:
        • Utilizing cream and powder contour to enhance or diminish specific features.
      • Brightening and Lightening:
        • Application of matt and shimmer highlight to accentuate key areas.
      • Specific Area Contouring:
        • Expertise in eyes contour, nose contour, contour lips, contour chin, contour neck, and chest contour for a polished finish.
    5. Final Exam:
      • A comprehensive assessment to evaluate proficiency in acquired skills and knowledge.
Certification and Attestation:
Note on Practice Products:
    • KOMASK Makeup products will be generously provided for practical sessions, ensuring trainees have access to quality materials.

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