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دبلوم تدريب لمكياج الأزياء

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Specialize in fashion makeup with this focused training program. Learn techniques for creating striking looks for runway shows, editorial shoots, and fashion campaigns.

Gain the skills needed to work in the dynamic and fast-paced fashion industry.

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This comprehensive training program is designed to equip aspiring artists in the field of fashion makeup with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry.

The program covers a diverse range of topics, starting from the fundamentals of face makeup, including the history of makeup and various styles.
Students will learn about color theory, face shapes, and how to select the right makeup products for different skin tones.

Fashion show makeup has become an art form widely prevalent today. There are specialized individuals for such shows who possess a unique flair for this type of makeup. Hence, this makeup course is tailored for them.

It’s widely known that fashion models often lean towards a natural makeup look with a bright, glowing touch for major events or on fashion show runways. Subtle eye shadows close to the model’s skin tone are a key characteristic of their makeup style, along with light and soft lipstick shades.

Other models prefer different makeup styles, often favoring new and trendy trends with bold eyeshadow colors, and colored eyeliners, alongside white kohl, complemented by bold lipstick shades and flawless, radiant makeup devoid of flaws and imperfections.

Some others prefer black kohl and eyeliner, adopting a sharp and bold style to give them an attractive expression and a modern eye makeup look.

Therefore, we have curated some of the adopted fashion styles to set a trend in the modern makeup world, including:
1. Mermaid Makeup: Creating a captivating, beautiful look, giving an extreme transformation to the model’s appearance.
2. Smoky Black Makeup: Often sharp and devoid of any colors, for a confident appearance.
3. Icy Cool Makeup: One of the most beloved styles, reflecting a sense of coldness that captures attention more than anything else in the show.
4. Ice and Fire Look: Blending elements of coldness and heat, where each side describes a story, with varying shades, creating a complete look that grabs everyone’s attention.
5. Vampire Look: Representing a bold, beautiful vampire, showcasing beauty with shades on their fair skin, striking a wonderful balance in colors, adding a different allure with a touch of darkness in beauty. This makeup is used in impactful shows to highlight the strength of the presentation.


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دبلوم تدريب لمكياج الأزياء”

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