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دورة فنان المكياج الرئيسية (6 في 1)

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Achieve mastery in makeup artistry with training across six specialized areas: bridal, fashion, editorial, film, special effects, and theatrical makeup.

This extensive course provides the skills and knowledge needed to excel in diverse makeup applications and settings.

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Six Main Makeup Courses:
    1. Basic Makeup Artist Course:
      • Foundational knowledge and skills for makeup application.
    2. Advanced Make up Course:
      • In-depth exploration of complex techniques and styles.
    3. Bridal Makeup Course:
      • Specialized training in creating stunning bridal looks, a vital skill in the industry.
    4. Contouring Make up Course:
      • Mastery of contouring techniques, adding dimension and depth to facial features.
    5. Theatrical (Cinema & TV) Make up Course:
      • Focused on specialized techniques for stage, cinema, and television productions, preparing trainees for the demands of the entertainment industry.
    6. Airbrush Make up Course:
      • Specialized training in the application of makeup using an airbrush gun, a technique highly sought after for its precision and flawless finish.
Certification and Attestation:
    • Successful trainees receive esteemed certificates:
      • Professional Certificates, officially attested and approved by KHDA (Dubai Authority).
      • KÕMASK 4D Professional Makeup Certificates, bearing the official stamp of KOMASK/Seattle WA/USA.
Added Benefits:
    • Complimentary KÕMASK Makeup Brush Set:
      • Trainees receive a high-quality makeup brush set to enhance their application techniques.
    • Free Photo-Shooting Session:
      • A complimentary photo-shoot session is included, allowing trainees to create a stunning media profile showcasing their skills.
Course Advantages:
    • Diverse and Specialized Curriculum:
      • Covering a wide range of makeup styles and techniques, ensuring trainees are prepared for various client preferences and industry demands.
    • Recognized Certification:
      • Endorsed by KHDA and KOMASK, these certificates hold significant value, providing validation of the trainee’s expertise.
    • Quality Tools and Products:
      • Provision of premium makeup brushes ensures trainees have access to professional-grade materials for their practice.
Launching a Successful Career:
    • With a comprehensive education in basic, advanced, bridal, contouring, theatrical, and airbrush makeup, trainees are equipped to excel in various sectors of the makeup industry.
Versatile Skillset for a Dynamic Career:
    • Proficiency in a diverse range of makeup styles prepares trainees to cater to a broad clientele, from bridal parties to theatrical productions, ensuring a dynamic and successful career path.

Embark on an extensive and transformative journey in makeup artistry with our comprehensive suite of courses. Acquire prestigious certifications, receive quality tools and products, and enjoy a complimentary photo-shoot session to kickstart your career in makeup artistry.

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