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Theory & Practice Modules:
    1. Hair Introduction:
      • A foundational understanding of hair, setting the stage for the course.
    2. Preparation and Organization:
      • Structured approach to preparing and organizing the workspace for effective learning.
    3. Hygiene and Personal Presentation:
      • Emphasis on cleanliness of the environment and maintaining personal hygiene.
    4. Instrument and Tool Sterilization:
      • Understanding tools and their uses, along with proper sterilization techniques and adherence to health regulations.
    5. Reception and Client Interaction:
      • Identifying different personality types to provide personalized service.
    6. Understanding Skin Layers and Glands:
      • In-depth knowledge about skin layers (epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer) and skin glands (sebaceous, sweat, eccrine, apocrine).
    7. Essential Hair Information:
      • Covering hair follicles, scalp, reasons for hair loss, hair life cycle, and its structure.
    8. Hair Checks and Diseases:
      • Recognizing hair conditions and diseases, including those related to coloring and scalp.
    9. Blow Dry Techniques:
      • Proper usage of blow dryers, including techniques for creating simple hairstyles and curves.
    10. Hair Curling Techniques:
      • Mastery of iron techniques for curling and creating various hairstyles.
    11. Hair Products and Waving:
      • Understanding and applying waving techniques using irons and rolls, with follow-up treatment.
    12. Hair Straightening Techniques:
      • Utilizing blow dryers and straighteners for achieving straight hair.
    13. Hair styling Basics:
      • Tailoring hairstyles to complement different face shapes (oval, round, square, long, triangular).
    14. Innovative Hair Style:
      • Creating both simple and gala hairstyles to suit diverse occasions.
    15. Hair Color:
      • Guiding customers in color selection, understanding color grades, codes, and techniques for highlighting and bleaching.
    16. Hair cutting Variations:
      • Exploring various haircuts including straight, layered, carre, short, and effilage styles.
Certification and Attestation:
    • Successful completion of this Hairdresser course leads to the attainment of a prestigious Professional Certificate, attested and approved by KHDA (Dubai Authority).
Tools & Materials:
    • All necessary tools and materials will be provided during classes by the institute, ensuring hands-on practice with quality equipment.

This meticulously designed course offers a holistic learning experience, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in hairstyling. Elevate your expertise and gain industry-recognized certification with our Career-Building Hair Course. Embark on this transformative journey and give yourself the best start in your hairdressing career.

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