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دورة شاملة لتصفيف الشعر الاحترافية (4 في 1)

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Gain professional skills in four crucial aspects of hairdressing: cutting, styling, coloring, and treatments. This course prepares you for a successful career as a versatile and skilled hairdresser.

احصل على مهارات احترافية في أربعة جوانب حاسمة لتصفيف الشعر: القص، التصفيف، التلوين، والعلاجات. تجهزك هذه الدورة لمهنة ناجحة كحلاق متعدد المهارات.

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Principles, Concepts & Professionalism

THEORY & PRACTICE (from A to Z ):

Hair introduction


  • Organization and general preparation


  • Cleanliness of the place.
  • Appearance and personal hygiene

Instruments and Tools sterilization

  • Tools’ definition and their uses
  • Used tools’ sterilization
  • Health rules (by law) for the use of tools and their maintenance

Cleaning products

  • Kinds of shampoo (composition and role)
  • Mechanism for washing hair
  • Shampoo characteristics

Maintenance of hair products

  • Storage


  • Discovering and identifying women personalities.

Skin layers

  • General information
  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous layer

Skin glands

  • Sebaceous glands
  • Sweat glands
  • Eccrine glands
  • Apocrine glands

Basic information about hair

  • Hair follicles and scalp
  • Reasons for hair loss
  • Hair life, duration and structure.
  • Hair characteristics and features

Hair check and diseases

  • General idea
  • Diseases of hair coloring
  • Scalp disease
  • Types of Treatment allowed for the stylist
  • Where stylist mission stops and doctor mission starts

Blow dry

  • General rules
  • How to use blow dry
  • Simple hairstyle
  • Blow dry (curved in and out)

Curling the hair

  • Iron techniques
  • Different hair styles by Iron
  • Top of Form

Treatment and protection products

  • Products that can protect the hair structure
  • Products that can repair the hair structure
  • Products that can change the hair structure
  • Products that can reinforce the hair structure
  • Hair gel
  • Fixing hair products
  • Importance of the development of hair treatment


  • Basic information
  • Preparation of the equipment and products
  • Waving hair by iron
  • Waving hair by rolls and heat
  • Treatment that follows the waving
  • Reasons behind success and failure of waving


  • Basic Information
  • Preparation of the equipment and products
  • The way to use the permanent straightening hair product
  • Straightening by blow dry
  • Straightening by iron
  • Permanent straightening
  • Hair care after permanent straightening


  • Basic information
  • Hair styles that suit the different face forms
  1. Oval face
  2. 2. Round face
  3. Square face
  4. Long or rectangular face
  5. Triangle face

Innovative hair style

  1. Duty Hair style
  2. Gala hair style
  3. Modern hair styles
  4. Braiding hairstyle


  • How to advise the customer to choose the color
  • Basic information before the implementation of the color
  • Color to know colors’ grades
  • How to use Color circle map
  • How to choose Color codes

Color products (oxidant and non-oxidant)

Temporary color

  • Mixing and choosing of color
  • Color technique
  • Light and color
  • Color reflection
  • White hair coverage

Lightening hair products and their use

  • Factors that facilitate the brightening of the hair
  • Removing hair color
  • Intensifying hair color


  • Various hair cuts
  1. For long and short hair
  2. For soft hair
  3. For thick hair

Hair Treatments:

  • Hair Anatomy & Structure
  • Tools & Equipments
  • Damage Hair types
  • Reason of damage
  • Treatment Definition & Techniques:
  • Hair Spa
  • Blow out
  • Keratin / Botox / Collagene
  • Protein
  • Rescue System (Build-up inside & outer layer of the Hair).
  • After Care

End of completion of the Course, the trainees will be granted:

Tools & Materials:

  • Student can bring her own kit or optionally can order it from the institute.