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KHDA Approved Certification Beauty Training Courses

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Duration: 2 Days

Lecturer: Irena.M

Certification: KHDA

Our advanced course covers all of the keys areas of plasmology required for all of the go-to treatments and can transform you into an accomplished plasma pen Technician.

The purpose of plasma pen treatment course is to teach you how to improve the appearance of skin, to remove unwanted wrinkles, drooping skin and stretch marks. The treatment will tighten the skin of the affected areas.

The treatment also can be used to remove skin tags, reduce acne scars or age spots. Plasma pen treatments are the perfect way to treat many age-related skin problems.

It’s the NEW skin rejuvenating treatment lasting 2 to 3 years and longer– which visibly tightens and lifts the skin including deeper lines and wrinkles

This is highly effective, remarkable alternative to surgery. it’s a great income stream and you can be one of the first in your area todo this procedure


•Health and Safety

•Introduction to plasma lift

•Areas of Treatment





•Hands on training

•Non-surgical treatment with immediate lifting and tightening results

•Treatment Areas

•Hooded Eyelids

•Under eye wrinkles

•Wrinkles around the eyes (smile Lines)


•Frown lines

•General wrinkles on face

•Smoker Lines

•Marionette Lines


•Nasal Labials

•Loose skin on Jowl areas

•Neck Areas

•Loose skin on Arms known as “Bingo Wings”


•Stretch Marks





  • Products for practice will be provided during classes.

End of Final Exam, the trainees will be granted:

  • PLASMA PEN & SKIN TIGHTENING Professional Certificate attested & approved by KHDA (Dubai Authority).