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Nail Spa Course (Manicure & Pedicure)

1 Month

English Or Arabic

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Course Overview:

Initial preparation
Work station
Work and preparation
Cleanliness of the place
Appearance and personal hygiene
Tools and sterilization

Receiving and preparing the client
Creating mutual trust between the beautician and the client
Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of a woman

Nails (theory)
Composition and internal structure of the nail
Defect and disorder of the nail
Disease and weakness
Maintaining clean and healthy nails

Manicure (theory & practice)
Hands sterilization
Removing nail polish
Nails file
Preparation to remove dead skin around the nails
Nails and hand massage
Cleaning under the nails
French and one color nail polish

Pedicure (theory& practice)
Feet sterilization
Nail polish removal
Nail file
Feet preparation to remove the dead skin around the nails & on the soles
Nails and feet massage
Under nails hygiene
French and one color nail polish

Hand and Foot Care with paraffin (theory& practice)
Scrub feet
Massage with cream
Paraffin Hands and feet
Remove paraffin and massage

Care and Nutrition for Hands and Feet (theory & practice)
Scrub feet
Massage with oil
Apply nourishing mask
Remove mask and massage with cream


  • At the End of Exam, you will be granted professional Certificate Attested and Approved by KHDA (Dubai Authority).

Materials: During classes, all Materials will be provided by the institute.