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Mastering Selling Skills and Sales Techniques Course
Duration :​ 5 Days / 30 Hours

Course Tuition: AED3500 per individual
AED2900 Per individuals for group with a minimum of 6 participants


Day 1:

Introduction to Sales
Welcome and course overview
The role of sales in business
Understanding the sales process
Setting goals and expectations

Sales Psychology and Communication
The psychology of buying and selling
Effective communication skills for sales
Building rapport with customers
Active listening techniques

Day 2:

Product/Service Knowledge
In-depth understanding of the product/service
Identifying key features and benefits
Handling objections related to product knowledge

Prospecting and Lead Generation
Identifying your target market
Generating leads and prospects
Cold calling and warm calling techniques
Using technology in prospecting

Day 3:

Qualifying Leads
Qualifying prospects
BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) framework
Identifying decision-makers

Sales Presentation Skills
Structuring a sales presentation
Creating compelling value propositions
Overcoming objections during the presentation
Demonstrating product/service benefits

Day 4:

Handling Objections and Negotiation
Common objections and rebuttals
Effective objection-handling techniques
Negotiation strategies and tactics
Win-win negotiation mindset

Closing Sales
Different closing techniques
Recognizing buying signals
Trial closes and assumptive closes
Overcoming the fear of rejection

Day 5:

Building Long-Term Relationships
Importance of customer relationship management
Post-sale follow-up and support
Upselling and cross-selling
Turning customers into advocates

Sales Metrics and Continuous Improvement
Measuring and analyzing sales performance
Key sales performance indicators (KPIs)
Goal setting and action plans for improvement
Role-play and practical exercises for reinforcement

Course Conclusion and Graduation

Review of key takeaways
Certificates and recognition for course participants
Feedback and course evaluation

Additional Notes:
Throughout the Mastering Selling Skills and Sales Techniques Course, incorporate practical exercises, role-play scenarios, and case studies to allow participants to apply what they’ve learned.
Encourage participants to set personal sales goals and track their progress throughout the course.
Providing the course materials, handouts, and resources to supplement the training.

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