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Mastering Communication Skills Course
Duration: 5 Days/30 Hours

Course Tuition: AED3500 per individual
AED2900 Per individuals for group with a minimum of 6 participants


Day 1:
Introduction to Effective Communication
Welcome and course overview
Understanding the importance of effective communication
The components of communication (verbal, non-verbal, written)
Barriers to effective communication

Verbal Communication Skills
Active listening techniques
Articulation in speech
Effective questioning and feedback
Building rapport through verbal communication

Day 2:
Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Body language and its impact
Facial expressions and eye contact
Gestures and posture
Using non-verbal cues to enhance communication

Written Communication Skills
Professional email etiquette
Business writing essentials
Crafting persuasive messages
Proofreading and editing

Day 3:
Advanced Communication Techniques
Conflict resolution and assertiveness
Handling difficult conversations
Empathy and emotional intelligence in communication
Adapting communication style to different situations and audiences

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Preparing and structuring effective presentations
Overcoming public speaking anxiety
Using visual aids effectively
Engaging the audience and creating a memorable presentation

Day 4:
Digital Communication and Social Media
Effective use of social media for personal and professional branding
Online etiquette and reputation management
Avoiding digital communication pitfalls
Cybersecurity and privacy in digital communication

Communication in Sales and Marketing
Persuasive communication techniques in sales
Creating compelling marketing messages
Storytelling for brand-building
Leveraging customer testimonials and social proof

Day 5:
Communication in Negotiation
Effective negotiation communication strategies
Win-win negotiation techniques
Handling tough negotiators
Negotiating in a multicultural context

Communication in Customer Service
Building strong customer relationships through communication
Handling difficult customers and complaints
Telephone and email etiquette in customer service
Delivering exceptional service through communication

Additional Notes:

Include practical exercises, role-play scenarios, and group discussions to allow participants to apply what they’ve learned.
Encourage participants to share their communication challenges and experiences, creating a supportive learning environment.
Consider bringing in guest speakers or communication experts for real-world insights and demonstrations.
Provide course materials, handouts, and recommended reading resources to support continued improvement in communication skills.

The objective of Mastering Communication Skills course is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective communicators in both personal and professional settings.

By the end of the course, participants should have a deeper understanding of various communication channels and techniques and be able to apply them to build better relationships and achieve their communication goals.


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