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COMPREHENSIVE MAKEUP COURSE (3 in 1) (International Students)

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Course Time: 40 HOURS


Makeup introduction


  • Working station
  • Work and preparation


  • Cleanliness of the place
  • Appearance and personal hygiene
  • Tools and sterilization
  • Definition of the tools and their uses
  • Sterilization of the tools after use
  • Tools maintenance respecting healthy rules


  • Reception manners and Preparation of the client
  • Creating a mutual trust between the make-up artist and the client
  • Discovering and identifying the nine personalities of the women

Makeup is a visual trick

  • Study the many faces form
  • Study of the features of the face
  • Trick of light and shade and their interrelation

The color

  • The color theory (degree and intensity)
  • Primary colors

Eyebrows technique

  • Face lines
  • Trimming eyebrows
  • Correcting eyebrows shape
  • Correcting eyebrows line
  • Changing the face shape by changing eyebrows shape
  • Eyebrow filling, redrawing and combing

Skin preparation

  • Categories and characteristics of the skin
  • Preparing the skin before applying the cream
  • Skin Corrections
  • Around eyes area base preparation
  • Selecting of base cream to cover the skin problems
  • Contour(shading and highlighting) to alter the shape of the face.
  • Powder categories
  •  Powder selection & application
  • Blusher application

Eyes makeup

  • Definition of the core parts of the eye
  • Eyes Line according to the form of the face
  • Changing curvature of the eyes shape
  • Lengthening the eyes shape
  • How to apply ‘light-dark’ to the eyelids
  • The shadows’ color
  • Inner side eyelid makeup
  • Applying artificial eyelashes
  •  How to correct the eyes shape through artificial eyelashes
  • Changing the eye shape
  • Makeup for ‘almond’ eyes shape
  • Makeup to lengthen the eye shape
  • Makeup for small eye shape

Correcting eyes shape

  • Eyes with short distance in between
  • Eyes with large distance in between
  • Eyes with folded eyelids
  • Sunken eyes
  • Bulging eyes

Lips makeup

  • Preparing lips for make-up
  • Lips contour
  • Color choice
  • Drawing lipstick technique
  • Correcting lips shape according toface form
  • Small lips
  • Big lips
  • Short distancebetween lips and nose
  • Long distance between lips and nose
  • Thick lips
  • The light and dark lips color
  • Errors that must be avoided

Bride’s makeup

  • Bridal makeup steps
  • Differences between Bridal makeup and other makeup
  • Amendments made during the makeup process


End of Final Exam, the trainees will be granted:

  • Professional Certificates, attested by KHDA (Dubai Authority).
  • “KÕMASK”4D Professional Make-up Certificates, stamped by KOMASK INC-Seattle WA /USA

NB: KÕMASK Make-up products will be provided for practice during classes.